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About Us

About Us

For 30 years RSG Media Systems has been at the pulse of innovative software solutions that service the various functionalities of the digital publishing, media and entertainment industries. Our products are pragmatic and user-centric; and designed to maximize revenue at all levels of the operational process: from proposal and plan building, to inventory and intellectual property management, to finance reconciliation. Years of industry know how and expertise has allowed RSG Media Systems to design software that delves straight to the sources of greatest concern for the business users. We understand the tools needed to make companies profitable and efficient. We pride ourselves on “smart tools” that produce actionable results and create sustainable competitive advantages for our clients. RSG Media Systems also designs strategies and implements custom technology solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our product line includes: RightsLogic®, an enterprise rights and royalty management solution; Planit an ad sales proposal management system; and AdVant, an ad sales revenue optimization software designed to assist media companies in maximizing revenue. Established in 1985, by Mukesh Sehgal, we are headquartered in New York City, with offices in North Carolina and Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Board of Directors

Mukesh Sehgal, President & CEO, RSG Systems, Inc.

Jerry Cooper, Board of Advisors, RSG Systems, Inc.

Professor Sridhar Seshadri, Board of Advisors, RSG Systems, Inc.

RSG Systems Management Team

Mak Richards, COO, RSG Systems, Inc.

Laurel Meredith, Vice President Business Development

Ramakant Arcot, Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Siegman, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Strategy & Client Relations

Cirilo Rosado, Vice President, Technology and Office Infrastructure Services

Mayank Agarwal, Senior Manager, Business Development and Strategy

Sriram Subramanian, Senior Optimization Specialist



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