Ad Sales Log Optimization

Ad Sales Log Optimization

Varun Poddar RSG Media






By Varun Poddar

fSVP, Media Analytics, RSG Media


Dear Networks: Don’t waste those precious Impressions. Please don’t.

Yes, TV viewing has declined over the last few years. Yes, content owners and distributors are transforming into digital-first, device-agnostic platforms. However, there are billions of dollars and eyeballs (or impressions) still vested in the traditional cable & satellite distribution model.

Now, savvy networks are asking “Are we doing enough to recoup our investment and maximize broadcast & cable revenues?” How can we use our advertising inventory better and still meet our advertisers’ needs?”

RSG Media’s AdVant Log Optimization Solution optimizes Ad Spot Scheduling for Cable & Broadcast networks using our proprietary Audience Predictive & Optimization models. Over the last 10 years, we have delivered over $200M in incremental revenue Yield. Every year we deliver over $20M incremental revenue to each of our customer’s bottom line.

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