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Consumers and Actors and Writers, Oh My!

By Matt Klepac

Apr 20, 2017

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There are an abundant amount of new and emerging platforms available to the common consumer. These new avenues, along with supporting insights are helping to drain the outdated and murky content swamp that consumers navigate daily. Just yesterday, I was sitting on my couch at home while watching TV, online shopping via my iPad, and watching a viral YouTube video on the web. I had everything I wanted, at my fingertips. My experience was not murky. In fact,  it was more like a vast ocean of opportunity, rather than a swamp.

In today’s saturated market, there are numerous ways in which consumers can access content. Families across the globe face a subscription service overload, and must choose to be a chord cutter, chord never, cable only, or a buy-every-subscription-under-the-sun household. With services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO, Show Go, Roku, and cable TV, the choices are endless. Compared to 3 years ago, consumers’ choices have exponentially increased. It is nice to have choices, right?

Not only are there new platforms created all the time, but new and great content is created every day. As consumer’s flock to these new subscription models, so does the talent. Create great or even mediocre content and people with a variety of tastes and preferences will follow. Me included. Movie actors are flocking to the small screen in droves. Collin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, and Rachel McAdams all starred on HBO’s True Detective. Robert De Niro along with Julianne Moore are set to star in a drama series on Amazon, directed by David O. Russell, who also directed Silver Linings Playbook and wrote American Hustle and Joy. These A-list actors are lured to the small screen and not just for the per episode paycheck. New platforms allow actors to work on multiple projects throughout the year. Writers are also given the freedom to work on several projects a year, which in turn produces even more content.

One of the hallmarks of the TV boom has been the shift toward shorter seasons. Rather than creating shows with the standard 22 episodes, it has become commonplace to create seasons with 10 episodes, just enough to binge on a Friday night. In this consumer driven marketplace, if the consumer demands something, he or she will get it. Our fast paced and results oriented culture has evolved.

It is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time to be a consumer. As media companies begin to connect with their consumers on greater levels through advanced analytics and insights, we as the consumer will benefit. We have already begun to see more targeted programming, better content, and shorter run times to keep us, the consumer, engaged. Insights followed by action are bringing writers, actors, and consumers together like never before. The result - happy and engaged audiences with a sea of abundant content.


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