What can Ted Lasso teach us about rights management?

Ted Lasso

AUTHOR: Tom Siegman, EVP, Innovation Strategy & Client Relations, RSG Media

The financial complexities around Ted Lasso, the Apple TV+ hit, which just won seven Emmys, show why you need an all-in-one system that tracks rights and royalties, talent payments, and consumer products.

It is owned jointly by Warner Bros, who produces it, and by Universal Television, a passive owner. (The Lasso character started out in NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage promos. Universal is NBC’s sister company.) Warner Bros. Television Distribution and Apple Inc distribute it.

Lasso’s producers recently struck a £500,000 deal with the Premier League to feature league logos, kits, and trophies. Meanwhile, Nike is paying the producers to be the official “Kit” producer for Lasso’s team. And one can now buy official merchandise from the Ted Lasso store.

Now imagine that you are tracking tens, hundreds, or even thousands of shows. Lightweight rights management systems just can’t cut it anymore.

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