ISO & SOC Compliant

ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 certified since 2012 by BSI India, RSG India successfully maintains the stringent ISO 27001 requirements year after year. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) required under this standard defines how we perpetually manage security in a holistic, comprehensive way.  Certification in the standard requires us to:

  • Systematically evaluate our information security risks, taking into account the impact of company threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Design and implement a comprehensive suite of information security controls and other forms of risk management to address company and architecture security risks.

  • Adopt an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls meet the our information security needs on an ongoing basis.

  • Click Here to download the RSG Media Systems Pvt. Ltd. ISO 27001 certification.

Our Information Security Policy Statement

“Information and Information processing assets of RSG are vital for the success of its business. RSG shall thus ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information and information processing assets whilst maintaining compliance with business requirements and relevant laws & regulations”

Which RSG Media regions are covered?

Our India offices in Gurgaon and Jasola are ISO 27001:2013 certified.

What RSG Media services are in scope for the ISO 27001 certification?

The Information Security Management System at RSG Media Systems Pvt. Ltd. applies for providing Information Technology services including Product Development, Software Development and associated support functions of Physical Security & Administration, HR, IT, Sales & Collection, Finance and Legal.

SOC audited

RSG Media Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports are independent third-party examination reports that demonstrate how RSG Media achieves key compliance controls and objectives. The purpose of these reports is to help you and your auditors understand the RSG Media controls established to support operations and compliance. As of now RSG Media is audited for SOC 2: Security & Availability controls and objectives. You can request a copy of RSG Media SOC 2 Report through your Account Manager.


SOC 2 audited

What information does the RSG Media SOC2 Report provide?

  • A description of the RSG Media controls environment and external audit of RSG Media controls that meet the AICPA Trust Services Security and Availability Principles and Criteria

Under what Standard is the Audit Report Performed?

  • AICPA: AT 101, Attest Engagements

  • AICPA Technical Practice Aid: TSP Section 100, Trust Services Principles, Criteria, and Illustrations

What's the Primary Report Purpose?

  • To provide customers and users with a business need with an independent assessment of RSG Media’s control environment relevant to system security and availability

Who is the Primary Report Audience?

  • Users with business need

What Period does the RSG Media Report Cover?

  • 6 Months: 01/01/2016 - 06/30/2016


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