Curious about RSG? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our company. If you still have questions after reading them, please content us via our contact form.

  • Our headquarters are in midtown Manhattan, New York City. We have additional offices in Los Angeles,  India (Mumbai, Gurgaon) and the United Kingdom (London). 

  • We have about 250 employees at RSG Media. Our teams are split between offices and enjoy a high degree of interoperability.

  • Our clients include the leading Media & Entertainment companies from around the world including Multi-channel Video Programming Distributors, Content Owners, IP Licensors and Video Game Publishers. 

  • For a modest sized media company that will spend US$500 million acquiring or developing content every year – the larger ones spend upwards of several billion – even a 2% increase in revenues is a US$10 million boost.  Our solution also gives a long-term strategic advantage since the cost of acquiring and distributing content keeps increasing, and new competition continues to drive prices down.

  • Enterprise Strength Solution: It’s not just that RightsLogic has the most sophisticated ability to report on net rights availability of any system on the market. Partnerships with a diverse base of multi-billion dollar clients from every corner of the Media & Entertainment space - including TV, Film, Gaming, Merchandising, and Publishing - have sculpted our solution into the “one truth”, a single system with full end-to-end support for  rights management, program scheduling, financial accounting, and actionable reporting & data analytics.

    Partnership Approach: A major hallmark of RSG Media’s approach is how closely we work with our clients. Testimonials and repeat business will attest to RSG Media’s superior customer services and understanding of a client’s business needs. We urge considering customers to speak with our clients about their experience.

    Flexibility: We work with clients to roadmap as much of their functionality into our core-product as possible so they avoid customization fees. It’s one of the main reasons why our product is so robust and has true end-to-end functionality.

    Depth, Breadth, & Stability: RSG Media has been an industry leading solutions provider for over 30 years and has a roster that includes many of the world’s largest media and most prestigious Media & Entertainment companies. We are privately owned and debt-free, and have steadily invested in our products even through economic downturn.

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