RSG Rights

Revolutionizing Brand Licensing Management And Insights

The Platform

Save time and money with centralized rights and deal management, while streamlining royalty processing.
Trusted by every major U.S. Sports league.

Live Avails

Give Sales the real-time avails information they need to sell more. Live Avails Sales Opportunity Analysis identifies patterns and unsold rights, helping Sales to grow markets and drive revenue. Integrates with all upstream and downstream systems.

Rights Management

Enterprise deal management for every type of content, consumer products, digital platform, interactive live event, and business model. Supports how you work to help you create better deals.

Financial Management & Processing

Faster collections, automated royalty calculations, and a quicker, more accurate accounting close. Grow your brand revenues by better managing royalties, guarantees, budgeting & forecasting, cross collateralization, and cash application.

Licensing Customer Portal

Reduces the time, efforts, cost, and risk of managing licensees with a self-service portal that enables statement upload, processing, and historical views

Reporting & Analytics

RightsLogic gives you the information you need in intuitive formats designed for your users. Ready-to-use reports, easy custom reports, and a proprietary tool for asking questions in plain English present the right information in easy to read tables and charts, automatically and on demand.

The Benefits

Do better deals, leverage your brand and IP, streamline your business, grow revenue and lower costs.

Platform RSG Rights aquisition


More effective market penetration from increased visibility and analytics of sales coverage and performance

Platform RSG Rights sales


Maximize license sales with improved visibility of
rights and all contracts, current and historical.

Platform RSG Rights Finance


Faster collections, automated royalty calculations, quicker and more accurate accounting close, and streamlined sales forecasting

Platform RSG Rights Legal


Improve rights compliance and reduce usage infringement with centralized management for improved visibility

Platform RSG Rights Programming

Contracts Team

Answer questions quickly with centralized details of deals and enter new contracts quickly with shared templates

Platform RSG Rights Royaltes


Streamlined calculations and invoicing reduces errors, makes auditing easier and improves processing visibility


  • Sophisticated software to streamline, scale and drive sales
  • Automated reconciliation with finance ledger
  • Advanced sales forecasting with real time variance analysis
  • Interact with all your licensees in real time
  • Our tools work with every other system, even our competitors
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The most complex and demanding businesses in the world rely on RSG Media to help grow revenue and profits. Read how we deliver for our customers.


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