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Consumer Products – Key Features

RSG Media’s Rightslogic platform delivers enterprise-wide strategic rights management for deals and finances. Increase revenues, profits, and ROI, while reducing risk. Make your life easier.

Live Avails

Give Sales the real-time avails information they need to sell more. Live Avails Sales Opportunity Analysis identifies patterns and unsold rights, helping Sales to grow markets and drive revenue.

Detailed Search

Get the exact details you need across all your avails

Easy, Flexible Views & Reports

Reports and custom views are simple to use, and easy to understand, by different users and teams


Returns information quickly for immediate use

Single, Centralized View

Unifies view of data from multiple sources

Easy Integration

Integrates easily with other systems for data consistency and to feed downstream systems

Easy to Implement and Scale

Goes live in weeks. Designed to evolve with new formats, content types, integrations, and more.

Rights Management

Enterprise deal management for every type of content, consumer products, digital platform, interactive live event, and business model. Supports how you work to help you create better deals.

Flexible Deal Modeling

Quick and complete access to contract details and across contracts

Contract Versioning

Maintain a history of changes over time. Roll back contracts to previous executed versions.

Contract Usability

Simple templates for faster contract set up and management. Audit trail to show what updates were made by what user.

Deal Memo Output

Create a sharable contract version, for review or analysis. Include Change Summary of items under amendment.


Trouble-free deal management and approval tracking

Enterprise Scale Rights Trees

Delivers a quick and clear way to visualize your rights

Asset Maintenance

Stores properties details, and relationships, for all assets

Collision Reporting

Highlights deal conflicts and flags potential rights violations

Financial Management & Processing

Faster collections, automated royalty calculations, and a quicker, more accurate accounting close. Grow your brand revenues by better managing royalties, guarantees, budgeting & forecasting, cross collateralization, and cash application.

Detailed Enterprise Financial Structures

Accurately supports complex contractual business use cases. Gives you granular insight and helps enforce compliance by acting as a “chart of accounts” for your assets.

G/L Subledger

With a flexible transaction dictionary and accounting rules, RightsLogic acts as a subledger to your G/L, offering the Licensing Finance detail that ERPs lack. Integrates with GL to post and receive transactions, cash invoices, and more.

Secure & Auditable

Sarbanes-Oxley, SOC1, and SOC2 compliant. Provides secure financial controls for managing and reporting. Creates complete audit trail for all transactions and updates. Avoids the human error associated with Excel

Royalty Dashboard

Tracks royalty transactions & processing, and cash-flow in real-time. Ensures timely collection and compliance.


Creates and manage forecasts with real-time variance analysis. Automatically trues-up forecasts with actuals.

Financial Summaries

Easy access to, and drill down on, core financials

Transaction Level Detail

Get into the weeds. Answer your questions in detail.

Predefined & Ad Hoc Reports

Packaged reports deliver insight to your most common questions. Easy ad hoc report builder lets you get answers to immediate questions.

Licensing Customer Portal

Reduces the time, efforts, cost, and risk of managing licensees with a self-service portal that enables statement upload, processing, and historical views

Statement Submission & Tracking

Streamlines statement submission and improves visibility of submission

Statement Validation Tools

Set validation guidelines and communicate in real time with Licensees reporting. Powerful mapping engine and error reporting.

Dashboard View

A quick view of the latest activity including overdue invoices, royalty submissions, documents and unread communication

Licensee Accounts

Optimizes efficiency and improves communication

Audit Trail

Know which statements have problems or will be ready soon

Reporting & Analytics

RightsLogic gives you the information you need in intuitive formats designed for your users. Ready-to-use reports, easy custom reports, and a proprietary tool for asking questions in plain English. Get the right information, in easy to read tables & charts.

Custom Report Builder

Create and schedule custom reports to access, analyze, and share information easily

“Ask NED” Natural Language Queries

Type your question into the search bar and let NED display the information you need

Collision Reporting

Highlights conflict issues to surface potential rights violations

Out-of-the-Box Reports

Predefined reporting to answer critical questions about rights, financials, and assets

Give Sales real-time avails information to further exploit rights and sales opportunity analysis. Identify “rights holes” to grow markets and drive revenue.

Case Studies

The most complex and demanding businesses in the world rely on RSG Media to help grow revenue and profits. Read how we deliver for our customers.


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