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New Advertising Enablement Platform to Build & Track Convergent Plans

FatTail and RSG Media announced their plan to build an advertising sales enablement platform

Los Angeles, August 2, 2018 – FatTail and RSG Media announced their plan to build an advertising sales enablement platform that will allow for seamless buys of publishers’ Digital and Linear inventory. Named the Advanced Planning Tool (APT), this new platform will enable sellers to build and track a single convergent plan, while integrating to most publishers’ traffic and order management systems to execute the buy downstream.

“We are very excited about the approach we are taking because it addresses a significant market need without requiring major overhaul of existing technology investments,” Doug Huntington, CEO of FatTail explained.

Both Huntington and RSG’s CEO, Mukesh Sehgal see the partnership as a natural fit given both companies’ philosophies of providing best-of-breed solutions in their respective industries. “RSG’s philosophy has always been to build products that addressed some of Linear’s most difficult challenges, while integrating seamlessly with a publisher’s existing tech stack” Sehgal said.  “Our partners at FatTail have the same philosophy in the digital space, and with our combined expertise, we’ll be able to build a world-class platform” Sehgal finished.

Advanced Planning Tool (APT) | FatTail and RSG Media

Huntington also remarked that both companies’ “sales-first” approaches was a key consideration inbuilding such a platform.  “Our focus has always been helping our clients drive more revenue. This new unified sales platform is a natural extension of our core business.”

APT will be built in three phases:

Phase 1 will allow sellers to build a singular plan for both linear and digital and seamlessly push it to their respective linear and digital order management solutions.

Phase 2 will leverage the API capabilities of both platforms to bring back crucial information about how the unified plan is performing. This will give the seller a holistic view into what is happening with the campaign, communicate that to the client, and make adjustments as needed.

Phase 3 will leverage existing predictive analytics, AI and optimization techniques to suggest what combination of digital and linear products & targeting a seller should pitch to create the best convergent plan for a client’s specific goals.


FatTail is redefining the business of advertising by designing, developing and deploying powerful sales, operations, and marketplace solutions that put you, the publisher, in charge. At the heart of our business is a highly flexible advertising management platform that helps you increase monetization, control, and scale. And instead of asking you to change your business practices to conform to our standards, our software products are readily adaptable to yours, to help you do what you’re already doing – only faster, more efficiently, and more profitably. At FatTail, we are passionate about finding elegant solutions to complex business challenges, particularly those that help publishers with great content win. For more information, visit


RSG Media believes in using both art and science to deliver radical insights and deeper connections to drive the evolution of the media ecosystem.  It drives clients’ revenue and profits through rights, audiences, and advertising across platforms using deep analytics, AI, enterprise systems, and expert advisory services.  Its customers include TV Networks, MVPDs, Studios, VOD & OTT Services, and Brand Licensors.

  • RSG Rights: Enterprise rights management, strategically tailored to how each business group needs it.
  • RSG AudienceRadical AI-driven insights to predict and grow audiences. The AI-driven platform brings together 50+ data sources to deliver the audience insights needed to grow a fan base.
  • RSG Advertising: Advanced analytics & AI to maximize ad revenue.  The platform optimizes revenue through sales targeting, pricing, planning, and scheduling.

RSG Media was founded in 1985 and is based in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, London, Delhi/Gurgaon, and Hong Kong. For more information, visit


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