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IBM Think 2018 NYC

RSG Media @ IBM Think 2018 NYC

On June 19th 2018, Shiv Sehgal, Chief Product Officer at RSG Media sat down with Jaimy Szymanski, Analyst & Partner at Kaleido Insights to discuss putting cloud & AI to work for the Media & Entertainment industry. To see the full interview, click here.

The RSG Audience platform provides radical AI-driven insights to predict and grow audience. It brings together 50+ data sources to deliver the audience insights needed to grow raving fans.

  • Dynamic Reporting: Respondent level insights on every network: yours and your competitors.  Delivers real-time analytics from 50+ data sources.
  • Predictive Analytics: Live “what if” schedule simulations accurately forecast audience to help you compare options and build an optimized schedule.
  • Scheduling Optimization: AI creates optimized program schedules and promo plans to grow audiences organically.

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