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RSG Media Launches RSG Media Metadata Management (R3M), A Standalone Product Information Management Tool Tailored to the Needs of Media & Entertainment

RSG Media Systems has announced the beta launch of R3M designed to enable Operators, Platforms, Programmers, and Studios to manage the metadata associated to their content assets in one place. The descriptive metadata about these assets has grown increasingly important with the explosion of OTT platforms competing for subscribers. These platforms rely on robust metadata to drive personalization and recommendations.

RSG Media, creator of a range of widely adopted solutions for Media & Entertainment, already captures terabytes of metadata on behalf of their current customers “but it makes sense to make this static metadata more actionable,” said RSG Media’s CEO, Mukesh Sehgal. “Everyone is struggling to syndicate their metadata to various partners, in the right format. We are well positioned with our current product stack to make this process painless and enable full monetization of rights.”

Traditionally, metadata has been siloed by department, and it has been challenging to consolidate and syndicate the data. The industry has needed a product information management system that could meet the Media & Entertainment industry’s specific use cases. R3M enables entertainment brands to view their metadata to see what they currently own in one place, edit, and supplement, and which fields are legally compliant to use.


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