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RSG Media Launches RSG X-VOD Planning to Support OTT Digital Planning and Scheduling

New York, New York, November 17, 2021 – RSG Media has announced the launch of RSG X-VOD Planning to support the needs of OTT Direct to Consumer platforms responsible for managing the end-to-end content curation workflow from original rights availability calculation to avail generation to publishing. Fully integrated with upstream rights definitions, updates to avails are automated and flagged, thoroughly ensuring downstream compliance.  

“Whether you’re distributing avails for third-party customers to leverage over their platforms or generating avails for your own first-party operated platforms, X-VOD Planning provides reliable rights and robust metadata to optimize content curation and marketing,” said RSG Media’s President & GM Mukesh Sehgal. “All of this is done with zero integration costs.”  

RSG Media, the creator of a range of widely adopted solutions for the media & entertainment industry, already provides enterprise rights management for many existing customers. “If they’ve already invested in getting their rights in order with us, so it would make sense to utilize fully interoperable modules to monetize these inventories downstream,” Sehgal adds. 

With the explosion of OTT platforms, the industry wants seamless movement of avails across platforms that monetize rights. These large data sets can be challenging to manage and have traditionally required manual data entry. With RSG Media’s Plan Builder capabilities, a network can schedule multiple platforms in an automated way by understanding “entitlements.” Staff can view potential schedules by day, week, month, or quarter and sort this content by genre and other metadata. Capabilities include in-build rights validation and robust reporting, and no integration is required when planning and scheduling in-house platforms.  


Founded in 1985 and with offices in Los Angeles, London, Delhi/Gurgaon, and Hong Kong, RSG Media believes in merging art and science to deliver radical insights and deeper connections to evolve the media industry landscape. It boosts clients’ revenue and profits through rights management, audience growth, and advertising tools that use deep analytics, AI, enterprise systems, and expert advisory services. Its customers include TV Networks, MVPDs, Studios, VOD & OTT Services, and Brand Licensors. For more information, visit 


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