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RSG Media Unleashes the Only Rights Management System that Unifies Media & Entertainment Content with Consumer Brand Licensing + Financials and Talent Payments

Rights Management System

RSG Media has announced the release of RSG Rights v4, the world’s only comprehensive rights and rights finance system for media, entertainment and licensing industries that combines both content and merchandising rights in a single 360° system, bringing together rights, rights finance, programming, talent payments, and real-time avails reporting. Now, as content and IP rights grow more complex than ever, RSG Media’s rights management solution provides a common truth and enables media entertainment and licensing companies to pinpoint what they should do to fully exploit the rights that they own.

RSG Rights is the only enterprise-hardened rights management software that handles all aspects of content and brand licensing in one unified system. This state-of-the-art software grants companies a full understanding of each asset’s value and developing opportunities, from movies to merchandise to NFTs, with real-time reporting and the ability to identify both under-utilized rights and rights exploitation opportunities. This allows businesses to easily scale up without adding costs.

In addition to helping customers with rights management, RSG Rights also handles rights, licensing, and talent finance. It is the only system that acts as a subledger for every major enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (e.g., Oracle Fusion, SAP, Workday) and allows companies to fill in critical missing media & licensing functionality. This enables finance groups to improve performance and automate their monthly, quarterly, and annual closes, without working on extensive customizations in their software. SOX compliant, RSG Rights helps finance manage amort models, guarantees, splits, cross-collateralization, triggered rolling events and more.

RSG Rights handles complex participation and royalties contracts transparently, without the need for expensive “black-box” agencies. It calculates all guild payments. And it improves license forecasting by automating key licensee workflows. Some of its other functionalities include reporting microservices for Sales Avails, Exhibition Avails, Digital Rights and Restrictions; Participations & Residuals; and linear and digital scheduling modules for Content Program Planning & Broadcast Management.

“Rights v4 is critical as companies go through M&A, spin up new services, launch new platforms, such as SVOD or FAST, and enter other new lines of business, such as NFTs and digital merchandise. They need a comprehensive system that lets them know what they have to use or sell across every opportunity. That is the only way they can maximize their value-chain. RSG Rights v4 provides our customers with critical actionable information in real-time,” said Mukesh Sehgal, President and General Manager at RSG Media. “By automating rights management and rights finance, companies no longer need to worry about an overwhelming sea of options and can identify what viewers want before they know it. It also gives Finance the chart-of-accounts insight they need to identify new and missed opportunities—to hold the organization accountable.”

When combined with RSG Media’s machine learning technology, RSG Audience, companies can utilize predictive and prescriptive analytics to learn not just what they can do – but what they should do to fully exploit rights and capture revenue to grow their business.

RSG Media believes in using both art and science to deliver radical insights and deeper connections to drive the evolution of the media ecosystem. It drives clients’ revenue and profits through rights, audiences, and advertising across platforms using deep analytics, AI, enterprise systems, and expert advisory services. Its customers include TV Networks, MVPDs, Studios, VOD & OTT Services, and Brand Licensors.

RSG Rights: Enterprise rights management, strategically tailored to how each business group needs it.
RSG Audience: Radical AI-driven insights to predict and grow audiences. The AI-driven platform brings together 50+ data sources to deliver the audience insights needed to grow a fan base.

RSG Media was founded in 1985 and is based in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Delhi/Gurgaon. For more information, visit


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