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A RSG Media White Paper

May 29, 2015

RSG Media's executive team colaborated with their Consumer Products Licensing experts to create a compelling piece centered around new “Natural English” search & reporting tools.

White Paper Teaser:

“Amanda” my Consumer Products (CP) buddy is getting agitated. We’re talking Iron Man and I’m expecting her to give me the rundown of all the merchandising opportunities taken and missed: Iron Man action figures; Tony Stark sunglasses. Only, all she can talk about is Jarvis, the movie’s computer that can instantly give the hero any information he needs, how he needs it, just by his asking.

“I want one of those,” she muses. “I need a Jarvis.” For the next 15 minutes I listen to Amanda detail all the different reports she needs to create, and how just when she thinks she’s on top of everything, someone asks for a totally new report, and there goes her evening. “I’m tired of bringing my laptop to my kids’ lacrosse games. I don’t get it. Why can’t we just get the information we need? We have Google, Wikipedia, even Facebook has search, and every time I want a report I have to go to Finance, or IT, or spend hours getting lost in Reporting Tools trying to figure out how to write a SQL query. It’s just nuts.”

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