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Big Data Insights: Driving Big Data

Apr 25, 2016

By: Dennis Kneale

Kneale 3

Reaping the upsides of Big Data in the media business will come to rely on a new kind of SUV.

Not a Sport Utility Vehicle, but a Single Unified View. The Big Data revolution and the boom in TV viewing on individual, handheld screens have unleashed hoards of new data on consumer behavior, from buying to viewing to zapping to Googling, in real time or on-demand or by Net-streaming, whether day-of air or three days later, or lately, a full month later.

The data sources are myriad and multiplying, covering overlapping segments of a mobile and fragmented audience more fickle than ever before, so it becomes all but impossible for mere mortals to make sense of this growing, mountainous mishmash.

What is needed to synthesize and sift insights from this data is an SUV, or a single unified view. This SUV would need to use one common currency to gather and sort through all the new ratings and measurement systems that are tracking consumers and viewers more than ever before, from Nielsen’s new Digital Audio Ratings service to Viacom Vantage, a new cross-platform ad-targeting service, comScore, Rentrak numbers and beyond.

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