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May 05, 2014

Broadcasting & Cable

New Software Opens Path For Better TV Sales; Vendors are working to improve systems for handling increasingly complex ad deals, by Geroge Winslow

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With the online and mobile video ad spend growing rapidly, media sales providers have been investing heavily in expanding their digital ad sales capabilities...

RSG Media Systems has introduced a new cloud-based tool called Cross Platform Reporting that ties together data from digital platforms with Rentrak, Nielsen and internal information to provide clients with a unified view of the performance of their media assets. “Clients want to be able to track an entire deal from the back of the napkin until the cash is received,” says Thomas Siegman, executive VP of strategy, innovation and client relations at RSG, which is deploying the reporting tool with Sesame Workshop...

Such systems are increasingly important for maximizing the value of inventory. “Yield optimization tools are getting a lot of traction,” says RSG’s Siegman. “Algorithms can do better than experts in putting together plans that can add tens of millions of dollars in sales...”


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