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CableFax Awards

Feb 06, 2014


CableFax has selected RSG Media Systems as a finalist in this year’s Digital and Tech Awards in the Overall Tech Innovation and Commercial Software categories. CableFax’s coveted awards showcase best programs and initiatives of the year and salute outstanding performance by individuals in the cable and entertainment industry. Selected were RSG Media’s RightsLogic® & Cross Platform Reporting systems.

RightsLogic is the world’s leading media and entertainment companies are swiftly adopting RightsLogic to extract the maximum value from their content. RightsLogic offers integrated contractual rights management, program planning & scheduling for Digital, Linear, and On Demand, royalties processing, financial sub-ledger, and reporting tools. It lets companies grow revenues by managing content inventory and identifying clearance issues for greater content utilization. It reduces costs by letting content acquisition teams identify how content is performing. And it speeds workflow, by helping companies pre-digest contractual details and disseminate pertinent information throughout the enterprise. It also creates a “single truth” so that all parts of the company from accounting to acquisition, to sales are all on the same page.

Cross Platform Reporting (CPR) is RSG Media’s Cloud Based SaaS reporting tool, ties together revenue and usage details and royalty obligations from all major digital, linear, and reporting platforms into a single unified view. It normalizes information across disparate reporting standards so that managers get an immediate clear understanding of

  • How their content is being viewed

  • Revenues associated with each content asset

  • Inbound and outbound royalty obligations to best manage cash flow

CPR’s intuitive UI makes adoption quick and easy, providing an immediate benefit to users. It provides Dashboards, Standard Reports, and a highly flexible Custom Report Builder that lets users create critical reports on the fly.

And, unlike other systems, RSG Media’s CPR is highly automated, significantly reducing human error.

About RSG Media Systems, LLC

RSG Media Systems creates software solutions that help the world’s leading media and entertainment firms manage and monetize intellectual property, content and media assets. We provide our clients with efficiency tools that maximize revenue. We simplify business processes and provide executives with better information to make better decisions. We leverage over 29 years in the industry to discern and implement best practice while providing thought leadership and innovation.

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