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IBM Blog: Client Success Field Notes

Jul 12, 2016

The business challenge

Viewers are now consuming TV, movies and other forms of entertainment across multiple devices and platforms. This shift is significantly affecting the media and entertainment industry. That’s where we come in to help. RSG Media Systems builds specialized enterprise software with tailored data analytics for media companies. We enable them to personalize their offerings for viewers across multiple screens.

Data science tailors programming in three steps

1. Compile the data.

We are working with companies to get a complete 360 degree view. With this information, we can build better audience profiles and more effectively target and serve viewers. As a result, we can get viewers more of what they want. Previously, the information was available, but it was siloed and guarded across providers. We’ve compiled data from more than 50 sources, including Nielsen, Hulu, Netflix, Facebook and Twitter, and put it all into the cloud.

2. Identify opportunities.

Now that we have viewership, lifestyle and behavioral data available, we deploy data analytics to help our clients see how viewer preference marries across the IP rights, promotions and advertising inventories they’re managing. With tools from RSG Media, our clients are better able to create profitable TV schedules. This is something that was previously an inexact science. It was considered more of an art form. We help take out that guess work to create more consistent results. And, as we incorporate Watson, we’re creating even more personalized and more refined models. We’re able to incorporate models and suggestions we hadn’t yet thought of because of the compiled data and cognitive powers of Watson.

3. Quicken the pace.

Ultimately, we are deploying and creating tools to help our clients get to the information they want more quickly. We offer access to a wider array of data sources, which our clients can manipulate with a quick click of a button. This is a huge time-saver for our clients and it consequently helps their bottom line. Data analytics tools and cloud deployment are also helping us run our business smarter. We’re accelerating the speed at which we can develop and deploy apps into the market. As a result of this acceleration, we greatly increase our ability to sell faster and more globally, increasing revenue.

While traditional entertainment revenue streams are challenged, data analytics is creating robust opportunities to learn about increasingly nuanced audiences and profitably tailor media content. RSG Media is using data science to enable our clients to acquire bigger audiences and create new revenue sources with lower programming costs. You can read more about our solution in our IBM case study and OVUM report.

For the online report, please click here.

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