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More Effective Promos: RSG Media Systems Merges Big Data Analytics With Revenue-Optimization Sciences; Introduces Promo Optimization

Jul 16, 2014

NEW YORKJuly 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Promos have always been a primary tool for Television marketing departments as they look to grow their audience and network revenues.  Yet a lack of information and tools has hampered them. Prevailing systems supplied estimates of frequency and reach but did not evaluate the quality of these estimates.  Also, they did not consider program affinity, or, more importantly conversion; until now.

Today, RSG Media Systems, is introducing AdVant Promo Optimization & Scheduling. This new tool, which merges big data analytics with revenue-optimization sciences, gives marketing the intelligence it lacks, giving them significantly more bang for the promo.  It then uses Marketing's campaign goals and guidelines, and available inventory, to schedule the promos.

"The opportunity to gain significant advantage from new streams of information and new technologies is striking," said Sriram Subramanian, RSG Media's VP of Data Analytics. "Not only can we very clearly see how well each promo campaign works, we can demonstrate how much more effective the optimized plan is in achieving Marketing's goals."

"One of our secrets," added Thomas Siegman, EVP of Strategy and Innovation, "is that our analytics tools have self-learning feedback loops; the system constantly gets better and uses that information to guide users for better decisions."

Measuring Effectiveness

RSG uses three critical measures to gauge the success of a promo campaign: awareness, both unaided and top-box; trial, whether or not viewers tune in to the show; and stickiness, whether or not viewers keep watching the show. RSG Media's Promo Optimization platform takes into account each of those key indicators to provide its clients significant results, creating new metrics, insights, and features, including:

  • Conversion Efficacy: Measuring the effectiveness of promotion campaign

  • Placement Efficacy: Determining in which shows and times are most effective to promote a specific show to a target viewership

  • Dynamic Plan Adjustment: Modifying plans on the fly to take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls that the data illuminate

  • Cross-channel Promotion Planning: Extending calculations to take full advantage of a multi-network programmer's entire promo inventory

  • Off-network  Promotion Planning: Calculating the costs and benefits of promoting programs through other means.

Optimized Scheduling

RSG Media has already proven its expertise at optimizing spot scheduling with its AdVant Spot Optimization, which major networks use to generate tens of millions in new revenues. AdVant Promo Optimization uses these same techniques. It takes in all of Marketing's requests and expertly schedules promos, without the manual drudgery.

Discoveries: Frequency, Duration, Efficacy

As a result of early testing, RSG Media learned that putting on too many promos for a show actually turned customers off.  If promos aired too early, people forgot to tune in. Promos airing too late lost audience numbers to other events. A well-placed teaser can build excitement months in advance. Promo Optimization shows how marketing can meet its goal and balance its needs better against ad operations by selecting the right spots.

For more information on RSG's Promo Optimization, visit: AdVant™ Promo Optimization & Scheduling

RSG Media
The world's leading media & entertainment companies use RSG Media's expertise and software to maximize revenues from their content and advertising inventories.  RSG Media's RightsLogic is the dominant media business rights management system; it lets content owners & distributors, gaming companies, IP licensors, and sports leagues manage and report on the content lifecycle, including acquisitions, sales, planning & scheduling, and associated financials.  RSG Media's order-to-cash ad sales systems help clients plan and manage deals across all platforms quickly and easily.  Their AdVant yield optimization suite uses advanced mathematics to optimize proposals, flighting, logs, and promos, significantly lowering liabilities while generating new revenues.  They are headquartered in New York, with offices in London, and Delhi.


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