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NAB 2016

Mar 22, 2016

CLICK HERE to Schedule a demo today at NAB 2016 with RSG Media:

  • Content & Intellectual Property
    • The Most Robust Real Time Rights System on the Market

    • Integrated Linear, Non-Linear & Digital Program Scheduling

    • Royalties & Amortization Processing

    • The Most Sophisticated Avails Reporting on Content Usage, Viewership & Revenues

  • Advertising
    • Yield Optimization & Analytics for Ad Sales

    • Pricing

    • Planning

    • Cross Platform Sales

  • Media Insights & Analytics
    • Optimized Promo Planning & Scheduling

    • Cross Platform Reporting & Analytics

    • VOD Offer Management

    • Machine Learning Optimization

    • Natural English Language Processing

Setup a meeting at NAB 2016 to see how RSG Media is transforming the content, advertising, and promotions inventories. Along with our industry leading content rights management system, RightsLogic and our thriving ad sales management solution, AdVant, RSG Media is rolling out a new ground breaking product for promo campaign management called Media Mantra. Schedule a demo today!


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