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NAB 2017 Recap with RSG Media

May 02, 2017

RSG Media

Media companies must have clear insight into TV viewing trends to build their programming schedules to best attract large audiences. But that’s not so simple today, when viewers have access to more content and more ways to view that content than ever before, RSG Media pointed out.

At NAB, the company highlighted how its software and services help cable and broadcast, entertainment, sports gaming and publishing companies maximize revenue across their content, ad and marketing inventories.

In short: “We do moneyball for media,” Thomas Siegman, EVP of innovation, strategy and client relations, told MESA in a meeting at the show. “The amount of money that media companies leave on the table is staggering,” he said, adding one of RSG’s algorithms “found $50 million a year in wasted money” for just one company.

“That was the start of it, and now we’re expanding upon that same product and those algorithms are continuing to produce $16 [million], $20 [million], $30 million for these networks in different territories across the globe,” Matt Klepac, VP of marketing, told us.

RSG has now enhanced its service with nQuery, a new cognitive search tool that it launched in time for NAB, although it did so quietly, without a public announcement. “We’ve been working on it for quite some time,” Klepac said, noting the company is “rolling it into our rights logic” software first and, “from there, we’re going to be bucketing it with some of our analytical tools.”

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