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Product Launch at IBC 2015

Sep 11, 2015

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NEW YORK, NY (September 11, 2015) – Electronic Sell Through (EST) is growing by leaps and bounds. Customers have demonstrated that they are eager to buy content during the early-release EST window, rather than waiting 4-6 weeks until they can rent the title. In the US, according to figures published by the Digital Entertainment Group, EST is up 30.4%. 

One hurdle that video service operators and MVPDs face is that launching EST brings administrative headaches, with increased volumes of data and a much greater frequency of updates. The good news is that RightsLogic's new VOD Offer Management makes EST easy and highly automated.

EST is complex. There is a constant flow of new titles, updates to the license period, price changes, take-down notices, and myriad other details, all based on shifting conditions. RightsLogic lets EST providers handle this flood of information. It automatically ingests the critical deal points and updates, tying everything back to the contract. It ensures that the CMS is up to date with the latest in-window titles and offers. This means that customers get access to titles as soon as they are available. It also ensures operator compliance.

RightsLogic's newest VOD Offer Management functionality gives operators the tools to easily re-price and re-offer content, giving them the merchandising flexibility they need to maximize reach and revenues. It also takes advantage of RSG Media’s deep expertise in data analytics and optimization, using VOD sales and scheduling data to identify uplift opportunities that providers can use to generate substantial new VOD revenues. With RightsLogic they can dynamically adjust pricing throughout a title’s lifetime on their platform, depending on demand and how the content is performing.

Notes Mukesh Sehgal, RSG Media President & CEO, "Without RightsLogic, EST providers are stuck trying to manage hundreds, if not thousands, of updates that need to flow through into their CMS. With RightsLogic, they can focus on bringing their audience the finest shows, while maximizing shareholder value. It's a win-win."

RSG Media will be using its platform at IBC 2015 to launch this innovative functionality.  Demos are available in booth H04 in hall 14.

About RSG Media

Founded in 1985, RSG Media started as a custom development house that built specialized enterprise software for media companies. Our deep industry expertise and dedication to quality soon attracted the attention of some of the biggest brands in the business. In 2001, RSG expanded a solution developed for NBC to create RightsLogic, a media business rights management system. Today, RightsLogic is the industry’s gold standard for rights management across content owners and distributors, gaming companies, IP licensors, and sports leagues. In 2007, RSG released its AdVant yield optimization suite that allows media companies to maximize revenues while minimizing risk. Planit, which optimizes the advertising planning process, debuted the following year. RSG products are available on-premise and as software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted services. The company also continues to offer both strategic and tactical consulting services. RSG Media is Headquartered in New York, RSG Media has offices in India (Gurgaon and Jasola), and London.

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