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RightsLogic Automates Distribution Finance Functionality; Managers of Talent Payments, Royalties, and Residuals Rejoice

Aug 19, 2015

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Product Showcase at IBC 2015: RightsLogic Automates Distribution Finance Functionality; Managers of Talent Payments, Royalties, and Residuals Rejoice 

NEW YORK, NY (August 19, 2015) – The digital revolution is creating massive headaches for media companies regarding talent payments, royalties, and residuals. Huge volumes of increasingly complex deals, each with different payment terms, span every conceivable platform. And, it’s getting worse every day.

It’s gotten to the point where it is no longer humanly possible, even for a medium-sized media company, to ensure timely and accurate payments and compliance with all contractual terms. The good news is that now media companies can use RightsLogic Distribution Finance to manage these tasks automatically, and they will be showcasing this technology at IBC 2015.

By integrating financial accounting features with RightsLogic’s industry leading business rights management, program planning & scheduling, consumer products licensing, and reporting modules, RightsLogic can now help managers  project content-related profits and make decisions that optimize their company’s bottom line. 

Combined with the power of RightsLogic’s industry leading Cross Platform Reporting system, which ingests information from all linear, on demand, and digital platforms automatically, RightsLogic can now track usage and calculate receivables and payments. And, it helps ensure SOX and other regulatory compliance, which makes audits and month end close a breeze for Finance teams. Most importantly, it ensures that different business silos share the right information seamlessly.

There are many consumers of financial information, from the obvious (Executives, Finance, Business & Legal Affairs, and Sales) to the less obvious, such as Programming who strives to ensure that every airing or play is profitable.

RightsLogic presents usage, viewership, revenues, royalties, and payments in a clear way that lets managers make data-informed decisions. It lets distribution groups evaluate the cost effectiveness of both linear and digital TV, home video, program sales, and merchandising & sponsorship deals.

“With RightsLogic, our clients now understand revenue, royalties, and residuals by program, talent, and media type, all at a glance,” noted Mukesh Sehgal, CEO. “Not only do they get more accurate financial reporting, they also make more timely payments to talent, which is huge in today’s talent-driven industry.”

Demos will be available at booth H04 in hall 14 at IBC 2015.


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Founded in 1985, RSG Media started as a custom development house that built specialized enterprise software for media companies. Our deep industry expertise and dedication to quality soon attracted the attention of some of the biggest brands in the business. In 2001, RSG expanded a solution developed for NBC to create RightsLogic, a media business rights management system. Today, RightsLogic is the industry’s gold standard for rights management across content owners and distributors, gaming companies, IP licensors, and sports leagues. In 2007, RSG released its AdVant yield optimization suite that allows media companies to maximize revenues while minimizing risk. Planit, which optimizes the advertising planning process, debuted the following year. RSG products are available on-premise and as software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted services. The company also continues to offer both strategic and tactical consulting services. RSG Media is Headquartered in New York, RSG Media has offices in India (Gurgaon and Jasola), and London.

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