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RightsLogic for Consumer Products Licensing

Aug 01, 2014

Vastly simplifying how companies handle complex multi-channel – multi-territory – multi product deals

NEW YORK, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- RightsLogic® for Consumer Products Licensing Version 3 has many significant improvements over earlier versions including:

  • Improved UI

  • Easy annualization entry

  • Floating guarantee components

  • Crossing across contracts

RSG Media worked with its clients, including two of the world's largest licensors, to improve the user experience, speed up actualization, and reduce processing time with:

  • Automated guarantee shortfall recognition

  • Automated invoicing processing

  • Fast royalty report ingestion with over 7 points of validation

And, because RightsLogic for Consumer Product Licensing integrates with all major GL systems, it can manage transactions at any level, including territory, property, licensee, or business unit.

"As our clients develop more complex revenue models, the challenge of supporting these new terms makes life harder for the folks who actually have to do the work," noted Amy Walser, RSG Media's VP, Product Management, IP Rights & Royalties. "By automating more of what they do; by designing our system to flexibly accommodate this new complexity, we let our clients grow new revenue without incurring new costs."

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