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RSG Media Featured in The Harvard Business Review

Dec 13, 2016

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RSG Media is excited to be featured in The Harvard Business Review Analytic Report, Powering Digital Intelligence with Cloud Analytics. Sponsored by IBM and published by Harvard Business School Publishing, this journal showcases how "innovative companies have exploited cloud analytics to respond to changing market dynamics, establish competitive differentiation, and create new business paradigms. It also provides a lens into key industry analyst perspectives regarding the value proposition of cloud analytics. The paper concludes with advice on lessons learned by early adopters, and identifies best practices for an organization to adopt as it progresses in its journey toward being a more cognitive organization by leveraging cloud analytics."


"For RSG Media, cloud analytics is all about insight at speed. The fragmentation of audiences across an ever-expanding list of viewing platforms, each delivering personalized content and experiences, has made the challenge of understanding audiences by media professionals increasingly complex. RSG applies data science algorithms to vast amounts of data to help media companies maximize their return on investment across content, advertising, and marketing inventories in a much faster, more automated way. They pull in data from live TV and streaming services like Hulu and combine that with social media and financial data (to understand what people buy). Altogether, they’re working with about 30 data sources to help clients understand and then reach viewers on the right channel and program with the right offers."

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