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RSG Media Partners with Ad-ID

Apr 01, 2016

RSG Media uses data science to transform content, advertising, and promo inventories for media and entertainment companies. AdVant is a suite of yield optimization modules that significantly lowers liabilities, while generating new ad revenues for cable & broadcast networks. RightsLogic, is an end-to-end content life cycle management solution  supporting the acquisition, production, licensing, planning, scheduling and financials around content management. Media Mantra optimizes cable and broadcast networks promo inventories by using proprietary, machine-learning algorithms to increase reach and convert more viewers using less inventory. RSG Media's Big Knowledge decodes audience behavior for radical insights, building competitive programming and hyper targeted advertising.

RSG Media has long supported industry standards like EIDR & SMPTE that aim to uniquely identify content across the supply chain, ease integration, and enhance downstream reporting capabilities. By partnering with the Ad-ID community, as a software provider, we hope to continue this work, aiding the advertising community in the standardization of the advertising supply chain. RSG Media’s products are available on-premise and as software-as-a-service (SaaS). RSG Media is headquartered in New York with offices in London and India.

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