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RSG Media to Sit on Panel at SMPTE

Jun 16, 2016

Thomas Siegman, EVP of Innovation, Strategy, & Client Relations will sit on a panel at the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers conference on Monday, June 27th. The panel, titled Analytics and Metadata: Perfect Together, will take place from 4:00-5:00 PM on Monday, June 27th at Heritage Theater in California.                                                                   

Panel Synopsis:

We all know that analytics and metadata are inextricably linked, but what are the best practices to lay the foundation for the two to work together in harmony when navigating content, as well as serving up advertising? This panel of select scientists will discuss proven ways to gather and integrate the data needed for delivering insightful analytics in network management/demand as well as market mapping/licensing. American regulators are becoming more lenient in letting cable owners to access subscriber's info that will allow more direct advertising/marketing, panelists in this session will also explore whether this signals the end of privacy in the US. Other topics for discussion include whether Social intelligence is key to driving larger audiences and summarizing the best ways to study social as a source of traffic.  Finally, panel scientists will seek to determine if meta-data combined with smart analytics is the holy grail of the industry. Do not miss the open discussion in this panel to find out what this is and why it is so important.

For more information on SMPTE or this panel, please click here

Conference Information:

The convergence of connectivity, bandwidth, and technology improvements is rapidly expanding entertainment distribution to the living room, mobile, and beyond. Often scoffed at as inferior entertainment platforms, Broadband, Wi-Fi and Mobile networks are now poised to leapfrog traditional distribution mechanisms, because of the rapid pace of innovation and ability to upgrade with a software download. The concept of this conference is to explore the new and the future in the context of the emerging technologies for delivering a compelling connected entertainment experience. These technologies are transforming traditional media and its distribution. 

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