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The Droid Report

May 15, 2014


Content organizations are currently challenged with identifying insights of the usage, revenues, and royalties for their content. A new Cross Platform Reporting tool from RSG Media is changing the landscape. Microsoft is even recently seeking to win back its game developers with the potential for cross-platform gaming. The company has been hiring developers to build a platform for Xbox Live for its Windows, iOS and Android users.

RSG Media is now making its cloud-based Cross Platform Reporting tool available to the public. According to the recent announcement, Cross Platform Reporting, aggregates data from hundreds of sources, including iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Nielsen, Rentrak, Omniture, comScore, Freewheel, and many others automatically, using sophisticated adapters and advanced fuzzy-logic matching. It gives content owners actionable overnight information on content availability, usage, revenue, and royalties across all digital, linear and on-demand platforms.

“Content-revenues equals the inventory times yield,” said RSG Media’s CEO Mukesh Sehgal. “Yet, with so many available distribution platforms, it is no longer humanly possible to track and monitor performance and trends across the content lifecycle. Quite simply, they’re not maximizing rights and assets to the fullest potential, leaving valuable asset usage and revenue on the table. Several major industry players have gone live with Cross Platform Reporting, and they see not only the ROI of such advanced analytics, but they have enabled better access for consumers to the best content and viewing experience possible.”

RSG Media System’s Cross Platform Reporting ties together data from digital platforms with Rentrak, Nielsen and clients’ own internal data, providing a unified view of each media asset’s total performance across all platforms. It lets them address business questions issues such as:

  • How is my content trending across linear and non-linear sources?

  • How are my networks performing across all platforms?

  • What royalties do I need to consider? What is my cash flow?

  • Where do viewers watch my content?

  • Which platforms drive my revenues?

  • What is trending up? What is trending down?

  • Are we leaving money on the table by not fully utilizing our content’s available rights?

  • Are we overpaying for content?

  • What kinds of programming should I acquire to attract target audiences

“The ramifications of Cross Platform Reporting are far-reaching and provide an instant return on investment,” Sehgal concluded.  “For the first time, teams across an organization can see, in real time, the true performance of their content.  This allows them to realign their content strategies faster than ever before to increase performance and drive revenue.”

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