Radical AI-driven insights to predict and grow your audience.

The Platform

Audience measurement System by RSG media

Our AI-driven platform brings together 50+ data sources to deliver the audience insights you need to grow your fan base.

Platform Audience Dynamic Reporting
Dynamic Reporting

Respondent level insights on every network: yours and your competitors. Delivers real-time analytics from 50+ data sources including Nielsen, Rentrack, Gracenote, and more.

Platform Audience Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Live “what if” schedule simulations accurately forecast audience to help you compare options and build an optimized schedule.

Platform Audience Schedule Optimization
Schedule Optimization

AI creates optimized program schedules and promo plans to grow audiences organically.

RSG Audience Powered By IBM Watson

The Benefits

Platform Audience Research


We find radical audience insights by giving you a machine-learning model that harmonizes data from 50+ leading industry sources.

Platform Audience Scheduling


We help you grow your fanbase by analyzing millions of possible schedules in seconds to predict ratings and recommend programming decisions.

Platform Audience Marketing


We help you exceed your promo campaign goals by influencing the influenceable. Machine-learning analyzes every spot placement opportunity and improve campaign performance.

Platform Audience Everybody


Platform is so intuitive and easy to use that now, everybody can take advantage of the latest in advanced analytics.

Platform Audience Checklist


  • No Fluff: Real-world media solutions designed by and for media people
  • Never Outdated: Audience data updated in minutes from 50+ leading industry data sources
  • No Data Holes or Manual Workarounds: Interactive, real-time, full competitive marketplace insights
  • No Silos: Automated cross platform data insights
  • No Delay: AI that's ready to go now
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The most complex and demanding businesses in the world rely on RSG Media to help grow revenue and profits. Read how we deliver for our customers.


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