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Ad-Sales Proposal & Rate Card Optimization Case Study

Ad-Sales Proposal & Rate Card Optimization Case Study
  • The client was struggling, preparing manual sales plans and proposals based on contract commitments, constraints, and projected deliveries
  • Misallocation of inventory across clients wasted their most valuable inventory unnecessarily allocated to early customers, leaving little for later sale
  • Poorly constructed rate-cards left money on the table
  • Workflow and approval processes created bottlenecks, slowing sales process, and letting deals slip through without proper oversight
  • The client generates optimized plans that meet all advertiser requirements, constraints, and deliveries, with significantly enhanced yield, and reduced fixed commercial time (FCT) consumption
  • 80% reduction in turnaround time for proposal generation
  • The solution integrates with their existing traffic management system and with 3rd party ratings agency to receive and forecast ratings data
  • Workflow issues solved. The client now tracks the lifecycle of rate-cards and proposals, including negotiations, versioning, approvals, and rate-card changes.

A leading US multichannel network asked us to plug the revenue leaks in their ad operations.


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