Ad Scheduling & Optimization

Our customers extract every dollar from their ad inventories using our solutions, which leverage the latest innovations in operational research, and yield management, ensuring no money is ever left on the table.

Maximize the value of your ad inventory by balancing all conflicting variables to come up with optimized planning, log scheduling, and pricing. 

  • Deal Optimization - Please your advertisers while also ensuring highest possible revenues. AdVant increases revenues by 3-5% through better planning. 

  • Log Optimization & Scheduling - Schedule all units on your log perfectly, and get top dollar for them. 

  • Pricing Optimization - By calculating how much ad inventory you should reserve for scatter pricing, AdVant can significantly improve your pricing by as much as 3-5%. 

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Maximize deal value by planning ad sales proposals from inception to contract execution across multiple networks. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems to protect previous technology investments. 

Ad Sales Proposal Management

  • Get real-time visibility into ad inventory 

  • Flexibly create rate cards for multiple markets, networks, pricing periods, or titles

AdVant is an advanced suite of yield and revenue optimization tools that improves revenues generated from advertising and content. Using the very latest in operations research innovation, RSG Media embeds analytic capabilities into all AdVant modules to accelerate monetization of your perishable assets 

  • Boost revenues by millions of dollars without making changes to programs or ratings

  • Increase revenues even if your network is using other optimization solutions

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