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Reduce risk and minimize costs while better managing cash flow. Media Mantra is embedded with sophisticated real-time business analytics, enabling you to extract wisdom that would otherwise not be apparent from large quantities of data. Turn that data swamp into a clear data lake with Media Mantra.

Data offers media & entertainment companies the ability to learn more about their audiences, to target offerings, and create breakthrough revenue opportunities. RSG Media’s Media Mantra platform lets executives turns this opportunity into reality.  It lets them easily analyze both structured and unstructured data from a broad range of sources:

  • Revenues: ads, promos, sales, on-demand, and much more

  • Content costs: acquisition and production, marketing & promotion, physical handling, transcoding, and others

  • User data: viewership, behavioral, second screen, and more

  • Advertiser insights

With Media Mantra's capabilities, you can answer the following questions:

  • Content acquisition—What content should I buy and at what price points to meet my programming and advertising objectives?

  • Advertising targeting—Which customers are most likely to purchase a product or service? Who are the “latent” customer groups who will purchase a product a service? Which customers will never purchase a product or service?

  • What content is worth putting on which platforms? How much is the cost vs. the return?

  • How do adjacent programs influence each other?

  • How can I manage different campaigns to avoid under or over delivery?

  • What are the top three changes I can make to improve revenues?

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  • Gather content and audience data into the cloud

  • Tap into any internal or external data source available


  • Extremely high performance processing

  • Machine learning algorithms interpret & match 90%+ of raw data

  • Fuse 1st and 3rd party data from multiple sources


  • Deliver business value with predictive analytics

  • Easily access data in customized dashboards

  • Use our analytics sandbox to build your own apps and dashboards

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