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New ways to distribute content and consumer products keep emerging. Contractual rights complexities compounded with a lack of real-time analytics make it difficult to maximize revenues across every platform (linear and on-demand TV, digital, gaming, publishing, and retail licensing). RSG Media's solutions enable you to grow market share in the face of these challenges.

RL | Overview

RightsLogic is the industry’s gold standard for managing contractual rights, planning program schedules and distribution, and handling associated financials, including revenues, royalties, and amortization. It maximizes content profits by revealing monetization opportunities hidden in data, and ensures the right people get actionable information quickly and easily. We can deliver RightsLogic as a SaaS, Hosted, or Enterprise solution.

  • Provides “one truth” for legal, programming, sales, and finance teams, enabling seamless operations

  • Integrates with third-party systems already in place, protecting previous investments in technology

  • Delivers fast ROI

  • Scalable solution - Click to see how

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RL | Analytics

RightsLogic is a comprehensive system that provides businesses with the ability to know what content rights are available, when and how to exploit them, and over which platforms. RightsLogic’s analytics allow you to: 

  • Easily track and report on a complex set of interconnecting agreements between content creators, licensing bodies, service providers, performing rights organizations, and distributors

  • Exploit existing content in new ways, on multiple platforms and in different markets

  • Monitor and audit the performance of all your media assets

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