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RSG Media was founded in 1985 to create innovative software solutions to serve publishing, media, and entertainment industries. Over the past three decades, RSG has delivered customized strategic development services to leading firms to help them maximize revenues and minimize risk.

Mobile Application Development

RSG Media’s mobile service is your strategic partner for mobile planning and application development. With more than 25 years of expertise in technology strategy and application development, we stay ahead of the emerging media trends to deliver the best mobile solutions that drive optimal ROI and new revenue streams for your business.

Web application development

At RSG Media, we believe that technology should serve the business. We implement quickly and ensure that there is an immediate return on investment. We share our knowledge of business process to create innovative systems with measurable results—designing and deploying web properties ranging from ecommerce to marketing sites. Although adept at implementing websites on third-party platforms, when using our own proprietary tools, we can launch websites within just a few days.

Business intelligence

RSG Media has built numerous business intelligence (BI) data warehouses that can take data from a variety of systems, and build at-a-glance dashboards and easily digestible reports. More recently, RSG has deployed big data technologies to gain valuable insight into large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured.

Contract ingestion and monetization

Entering contracts into a system isn’t difficult. The challenge comes in analyzing each contract, and understanding what it means. We have a seasoned team of lawyers, paralegals, and industry specialists who are expert at reading contracts, figuring out what they entail, and getting them into the system. We also you monetize those contracts by calculating which content, on which channels, will make the most money for you. With RSG, you’ll never leave money on the table because content rights have expired.

Royalties processing

Processing royalties from content is not simple. As a programmer or licensor, you collect royalties, and then you have to pay others out of those royalties. We handle grants, advances, cross collateralization, guarantees, revenue reporting, and all other facets of royalties.

Platform BPO

Any organization that finds RSG Media’s solutions attractive but doesn’t have the resources, time, or inclination to implement and manage them can contract with us to perform platform business process outsourcing (BPO). We have the knowledge, the experts, and the resources to implement and manage a RSG solution deployment on any scale to meet any objective.

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