Audience Network On Dish TV


Audience Network was initially owned by AT&T, and it was an American TV channel. Audience Network delivered all of the content without editing anything, which was a huge plus. Audience Network was first only exclusive to DirecTV, but later on, that changed.


Audience Network on Dish TV was launched on November 25, 1999, and it was initially known as Freeview. However, the name was changed to Audience Network in 2011, and it quickly became popular. Audience Network was home to many great shows, including Kingdom, Rogue, Hit the Road, and more.

Audience Network is mainly famous for its original shows and movies. However, when it began as Freeview, it primarily focused on concerts and music, but its portfolio grew considerably when it was rebranded as 101 Network in 2005. If you like watching tv shows or movies, then you will love the Audience Network. All of the shows that you see on this service are great, and you will have a great time watching each and every one of them.


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