Audience TV Network TV Shows

Audience TV Network TV Shows


The Audience Network TV is also known as Audience and is owned by DirecTV. It is an American pay television channel. It was originally exclusive to DirecTV but has since become available on subscription service. It is available on DirecTV Now and the lower budget AT&T Watch service. The shows include a variety of original and acquired series and feature films.


The Audience Network TV is an entertainment network on DirecTV that offers movies, shows exclusive original programming. The Audience TV Network TV operates as a commercial-free service. It broadcasts its programming without editing for content.

Shows that have aired on the Audience TV Network TV include the Canadian sitcom; less than kind, British drama; hit and miss, and the Australian series The Slap which started airing in February 2012.

There are two ways to get the Audience network; the U-verse TV and DirecTV. The Audience Network comes standard with the DirecTV network on channel 239. On U-verse TV, you can get the Audience Network on channel 1114. Holly wood films, professional sports and concert events are shows you can catch on the Audience TV. There are virtually endless films to enjoy throughout the day. They can be watched on-demand or streamed with the U-verse TV app.

Below is a list of shows you can watch on the Audience TV Network;

Rogue (Police drama), Kingdom (Drama), Ice (Action), Mr. Mercedes (Mystery trailer) and Condor (thriller). The entertainment experience of the audience network is unbeatable.


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