Audience TV Network


Audience TV Network or just Audience for short is an American pay television channel. It is owned by DirecTV. For many years Audience TV Network was exclusive to DirecTV, but all that was in the past because it has now become available on many subscription services. You can get Audience TV Network on DirecTV and even on AT&T Watch service.


In simple words, Audience TV Network is a pure entertainment network. If you are subscribed to Audience TV Network you can get access to a variety of exclusive original programs and movies. Many programs have aired on the Audience TV Network that include names like Hit and Miss, Less than Kind, and The Slap.

There are two main ways to get the Audience TV Network, one is through DirecTV, and the other is through U-verse. If you already use the DirecTV network, you will get the Audience TV Network by default on channel 239. However, on U-verse TV, you will get the Audience TV Network on channel 1114. You can watch many kinds of shows on the Audience TV Network, including concert events, sports, TV shows, and Hollywood films. So, if you subscribe to Audience TV Network, you will not get bored that easily.


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