Importance of Brand Licensing Management

Brand Licensing Management

Brand Licensing ManagementBrand licensing is a not a new concept for the media and entertainment industry. Since the inception of globalization, brand licensing has become a necessity. With brand licensing, a media company can leverage its brand rights under its vitality and direction.
Reputed media companies like Viacom, Sky, Turner, Discovery, MTV, Corus, etc. understand the significance of brand licensing, and have hired us for licensing management. Since 1985, RSG Media has been helping brands attain good revenue and profit through brand licensing and rights management. We mainly manage the licensing of the brand’s product, graphics, logo, name, likeness, and usability in the global market. No matter who the licensees are, our legal license agreement binds the flexibility of rights/licenses as per the client’s terms and conditions.

Why Is Brand Licensing Management Important?

Media companies use brand licensing for marketing, promotions, and expansions. Every agreement between the licensor and permitting participants is unique and reflects various responsibilities. We understand the complications in preparing a licensing agreement and maintaining the rights. From consultation to implementation, we handle every aspect of brand licensing for our clients. With over two decades of experience in the media industry, we have served many reputed clients including Studios, TV networks, VOD & OTT providers, Distributors, and others.

If you are confused about how brand licensing is going to help your business, please check the facts mentioned below.

  • For ensuring control over original content – In the media industry, copyrights play an essential role in justifying a brand’s identity. You can earn good profit from your creative efforts, by regulating your contents or media. Through licensing, you can abide by your copyrights and can restrict the violation policy. It’s like licensing allows you to protect your brand from being used by others without any prior authorization or notice. Also, licensing gives you all the rights to sue the platforms that use your research or content without your consent. If you do not prefer to compromise the use of your original content, talk with our consultants today.


  • For expanding into new categories or marketing with small upfront risk– It is not required to hire new staff or build new infrastructures for developing your brand. Alternatively, you can offer a license of your brand to third-party companies who are willing to do business with you and try the expansion within a smaller upfront investment. Our team of expert consultants will help you manage in the developments by validating the licensing works.


  • For supporting the marketing aspects of core business – Licensing not only generates higher revenue from copyrights and royalty payments also promotes the core aspect of your business. Through licensing, it is feasible to enhance your brand’s visibility across platforms at minimal cost. If you are looking for innovation, that not only generates good sales but also markets your contents globally, there is no better choice than brand licensing.


To learn more about how the brand licensing concept works and what will be included in the Patent License Agreement, feel free to talk with our experts. Contact us today and request our brand licensing management consultations and services.


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