Cable Video on Demand Service

Cable Video on Demand Service


Cable Video on Demand (CVOD) Service generally refers to broadcasting or programming systems that provide signal and content via fiber-optic cables or satellite. Cable VOD Service is most popular for providing TV channels to remote and hilly areas.


The Cable Video on Demand (VOD) Service is a programming technology that allows users to view content at any time upon their request. It is one of the most prominent ways people access programs across the world.

To use a Cable VOD Service, the user who is oftentimes a subscriber to the provider has a personal set-top box with which he receives and views the content of any program upon request. Cable VOD Service is usually provided on Cable Television via numerous channels.

A Cable VOD Service works in a linear model. The provider retains broadcast content on a central server in the form of digital files. When a user desires to view a program (outside the broadcast schedule), he selects the program via his TV control and the server begins to immediately transmit the recorded files to a dedicated channel in the user’s set-top box.

If the user possesses a storage device connected to the set-top box, he may download the content for viewing later. Thus, the user may pause, play, rewind and fast-forward the content as he pleases.

Often, Cable VOD Services offer subscription packages or Pay-Per-View services.


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