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Content Supply Chain Management

Content Supply Chain Management


It must be emphasized that in order to get the most from a content, then the content supply chain management cannot be dispensed with as it manages and utilizes information gained from the birth of an idea for creation to the dispensation of the information to the target audience and even beyond.

Content can be a blog post about a disease, a movie on new technology, an opinion about civil wars or a story depicting criminals. Essentially, content is information.

In the intense world of information technology, we have new and complex information everyday as well as various ways to dispense the information. This makes it most important and valuable to have a means by which the information is managed from the birth of the idea to the feedback from persons for whom the information was intended. This is exactly what content supply chain management is about.

Many people believe that content is simply about its creation, that is, the person birthing the idea and seeing to its physical actualization. It is in content supply chain management that we realize that content creation is just the beginning of the chain.

The content supply chain has been described to involve among others, content idea and creation, description and publishing of content, utilization and feedback from content.

All the major steps in the supply chain would be monitored and information gained would equally be well utilized in content supply chain management to ensure that the content is eventually consumed by the target audience.


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