Cross Platform Reporting for audience analytics

Cross-Platform Reporting

Cross-Platform ReportingAs advertisers and publishers use different platforms to promote their media or contents, it is essential to measure the accuracy of the campaigns. Through the cross-platform reporting technique, audience analysis is more comfortable and consistent. Cross-platform reporting gives complete information about the interest of audiences and their media consumption habits.

At RSG Media, we use advanced marketing tools and software for dynamic cross-platform reporting. Our tool collects information from every network, TV, radio, smart-phone, computer, tablet, etc., and combines the data for in-depth analysis. With the data-driven insights from both you and your competitor’s network, our experts frame a unique approach for better engagements and conversions. The best thing about cross-platform reporting is that it delivers real-time analytics from 50+ data sources including Gracenote, Rentrak, Nielsen and more.

Understanding the Audiences With Cross-Platform Reporting

As a reputed media-tech company, we closely work with industry-leading TV networks, brand licensors, VOD & OTT providers, Distributors, and Studios. With the help of art and science, our team has developed a technology-based analysis platform for delivering fundamental insights and deeper connections about the media ecosystem. You can quickly identify the measure of audiences, their behavior on various platform, their interest and activities, and other features. This information collectively indicates how active your viewers are and what they are seeking?

An accurate audience analysis through cross-platform reporting allows you to boost your campaigns and meet the market demands. For a brand, it is essential to understand the audience’s need for growth and expansion. Regardless of what kind of statistics you are looking for; our cross-platform reporting can deliver every information about your audiences.

How Cross-Platform Reporting Boosts A Business?

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