Global Rights Management of RSG media

Global Rights Management

Global Rights Management

Global rights management, LLC (GRM) is an immaterial asset management corporation that agents, manages, and implements a wide range of intangible assets and intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patent, trademarks, copyrights, celebrity rights, product rights, and financial rights.

Global Rights Management represents both “seller” ( licensors or owners who seek to package, sell, license or enforce their assets) and “ buyers” ( clients or licensees who are potential purchasers of such assets). Global Rights Management also act as a trader for their accounts. The client range from individual scientist to multinational corporations and companies of all sizes. They offer different types of services needed to initiate and close an asset transaction, from analyzing the value of the asset and the strategic approach required to seeking out interested parties, negotiating the deal, and drafting the contract. They also offer enforcement services to combat asset piracy.

There’s no boundary in copyrights, there is a treaty named the Berne Convention, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization that sets a minimum set of standards for the protection of the rights of the creators of copyrighted works around the world.


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