Licensing Management Importance



LicensingImportance of Licensing Management for Media-Based Brands and Advertisers

What Is Licensing?

Is Licensing Important For Your Brand?

Licensing is a legal agreement or contract between a licensor and a licensee. According to licensing, the licensor allows the licensee to use, copy, or resell the contents or services under the original brand name or trademark, owned by the licensor. In the media & entertainment industry, the advertisers are often termed as licensors while the users or customers are considered as a licensee. By obtaining a licensing, the users accept a series of conditions regarding the use of licensor’s content. The agreement involves all the aspects related to copyrights and royalties.

The term licensing depends on many factors like amount or portion of content to be used, whether licensing will be used with good faith or not, and the profit or right’s of the original owner is not at all violated. Acquiring a license is essential for both users as well as the rights owners. It abides both the parties to stay loyal to the terms & conditions and maintain a healthy & long-term business relationship. Any violation of the policy will be subjected to legal jurisdiction and laws.

Licensing Agreement and Licensing Management


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