Over the top Services Market

Over the top Services Market


Over-the-top is also known as OTT, streaming media, or subscription-based video-on-demand services. This new medium of getting video content has gained massive acceptance amongst millennial phone and desktop users. All that’s needed to access this ocean of visual content is a display device connected to the internet.


The term, over the top, originally refers to the excessive use of a thing. However, in the media industry, OTT is associated with movies, TV shows, and visual entertainment services that are offered through the internet instead of conventional cable or satellite providers. Some current OTT services providers include; Apple TV, Itunes, Netflix, Pluto TV, what have you.

The list of OTT providers is endless, but the idea is pretty much the same – offering visual content via the internet. All OTT providers’ sites can be accessed through mobile phones, desktop or personal computers, and Television designed with an internet connection.

According to Allied Market Research, the valuation of the worldwide OTT industry in 2017 was $97.43 billion, and the industry has a high likelihood of attaining the $332.52 billion benchmark by 2025.



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