What is program rights management

Program Rights Management

Program Rights Management


With program delivery platforms such as Radio and TV, broadcasters have been able to engage their audience and enhance viewer relationships. But without proper management of rights, originality might not be preserved and the quality can be compromised. Program rights management helps to coordinate these rights to avoid carelessness and infringements.


Program rights are held by creators of programs; TV shows, radio broadcasts, or any other kind of media broadcast in order to retain control over their work. The main idea behind Program Rights is that owners of programs deserve to have a certain amount of control over their creative works.

Rights management is simply an act of organization and coordination of rights. It is the ability to apply rights being granted such that the receiver is bound by them to comply with the license agreement made between them and the owner.  Thus, program rights management refers to the rights of the creator of a program to grant a licensed usage to a user or refuse the same.

Program rights deals mainly with information control. They can be:

  • Personal use rights
  • Ability to pass rights to others
  • Ability to edit, extract or copy
  • Right to use the information for a defined period

Program rights management ensures creators of programs maintain their rights and protect their brand whilst maintaining quality. Owners can secure the names of their brands and maximize revenue with proper rights management. With rights management, owners of right can exert control over offline and online use of their content.


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