Rating Software for media and advertising

Rating Software

Rating SoftwareRating software is a software to measure program’s listening or viewing audience. It can automatically calculate the percentage of a specific target audience. Networks and stations that offer programs that draw high ratings gain advertisers, earning revenue.

Rating software is also a tool that helps companies and customers to provide a review and to rank them. It is a customized display including rating percentage, display, visitors can ask questions regarding the product and text display review alarm that notify you of any new review, both positive and negative. The features vary and depend on which type of rating software you have.

How does Rating Software Work?

Rating software is a tool that helps companies to build up trust between them and visitors online, e-commerce. Rating and review tools are usually used in the e-commerce industry. Since 90% of consumers read reviews online, rating software is an excellent way of providing some other benefits to the users aside from transparency and support.

Rating software can be used for positive promotion, to show the brand’s personality ( how to respond to reviews) and improve google ranking which leads to more positive reviews and higher rankings in organic search. Practicing this software will help users to upload a mailing list and also send out email invites to other customers, asking to review them. These reviews are also sent to search engines.


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