TV Advertising Analytics

TV Advertising Analytics


Advert analytics is also known as post-testing or advert-effectiveness tracking. It is in-market research that evaluates a brand’s performance, especially brand and advertising awareness, product trial and usage, and attitudes about the brand versus their competition.


The purpose of advert analytics is generally to measure the combined effect of the media’s weight or spending level, the effectiveness of media buying or targeting, and the quality of advertising executions or creatives. This helps in evaluating the money being spent and the results it provides.

The researcher has information on when the adverts launched, the length of each advertising flight, the money spent, and when the audience surveys or measurements were conducted. The results of advert analytics can provide information on the effects of advertising.

Most advertising analytics are conducted via the Internet. Some advert tracking or analytics are conducted continuously, and others are conducted at a specific period in time usually before the advertising appears in the market, and then again after the advertising has been running for some time.

Advertisers use the results of advert analytics to estimate the return on investment (ROI) of advertisements and to refine advertising plans.

There are several different tools to track online adverts: banner adverts, PPC adverts, pop-up adverts, and other types.


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