TV Program Planning

TV Program Planning


There are three major production stages:

  • the pre-production stage which involves the planning
  • production stage involving the shooting
  • post-production stage involving the perfection of the program

Each and all of these stages are very essential to the production of a good television program and in the absence of any of them; there can be no television program.


Everyone loves a good television program but most people have no idea about the work and process that births of these programs.

TV program planning refers to the sum total of all the activities behind an audiovisual broadcast seen on the Television. This would include all activities from the conception of the TV program to planning and eventual schedule of the time and days on which such a program would be aired on a Television broadcast station.

There are three major stages involved in planning a television program namely the pre-production stage, the production stage, and the post-production stage.

The personnel responsible for these different stages of planning and production include writers, directors, producers, technicians and so on.

The pre-production stage is focused on planning for the entire production. It involves research, scriptwriting, budgeting, casting and a lot of consultations. During this stage, a location manager is hired, crews are constituted, major actors are identified and contacted, shooting locations are identified and every other preparatory detail is put in place.

The production stage is the key stage where the program comes to life. At this stage, everyone is either at the studio shooting or preparing to shoot. It involves handling the cast and crew while shooting and solving any problem that arises.

Post-production stage is the finessing stage. The production stage produces the raw program while the post-production stage improves on and upgrades the raw materials into the perfect finished program delivered for airing. It involves editing and assembling of the video footage and perfection of the soundtrack.



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