Video on Demand Services

Video on Demand Services


Video on Demand (VOD) Services refers to a technology system that enables viewers or subscribers to engage a video or audio content of a program irrespective of the scheduled broadcast time allocated to such program.


Video on Demand Services are programming systems optimized to deliver TV, internet or cable content to users or subscribers at any time of the request. A user can use a VOD Service to view a movie, News content, TV programs anytime he or she wishes outside the time scheduled for such program broadcast. As such, many streaming services often make use of VOD

There are two ways by which a user can get a VOD:

• Streaming: Programs begin to play immediately upon selection in a continuous loop.
• Downloads: The user may choose to download the program content onto a device or PC for later viewing.

Video on Demand Services makes use of a server technology in which program content is embedded into digital files and assigned a name and code. The user can access such a system through his TV selection or the subscription decoder or an online/internet subscription service. Once the user selects a particular content, the server immediately sends the digital file to a channel dedicated to the subscriber on a set-top box. This allows the viewer to pause, rewind, play, and fast-forward the content as desired.

In the digital age, many cloud technologies also offer VOD services for free or for a small charge.


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