Youtube Video on Demand Service

Youtube Video on Demand Service


YouTube Video on Demand Service is a system for delivering video content. It allows viewers to
choose the right content and watch it at their convenience. The on-demand service permits
subscribers to view the content on any device designed to play videos such as smart TVs and


Video on demand is an interactive TV technology that permits subscribers to view programs
outside their scheduled viewing times. It is also a distribution system that enables users to
access video entertainment without traditional entertainment and limitations of a typical
broadcasting schedule.

Video on demand is also referred to as VOD. A VOD system at the consumer level can consist
of a standard TV receiver alongside a setup box. On the other hand, the service can be
delivered over the internet to home computers, telephone sets, and developed digital media

Types of videos on demand are;

  • Transactional Video on Demand
  • Subscription VOD (SVOD)
  • Advertising Video on demand AVOD

YouTube video on Demand is in popular demand today. The world is getting more digital, and
people have become so busy that they do not have time to watch movies in theaters. They
would rather watch it online. Some are impatient and cannot wait for their favorite TV shows.
The YouTube video on demand makes it possible to watch these videos without having to wait.

This Video on demand system has made more players in the hospitality sector provide the VOD
services with its flexibility of streaming content using personal devices.


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